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Our story

Dream for the future of Instructing.

We’re here to disrupt the system, not break it… And our main goal to make this happen is by undercutting the big business that has become current resort operated ski lessons. We do this by supporting each other on HeyyyCoach and giving every Instructor the opportunity to make a living by doing what they love doing most… Without feeling tip dependent. Tips should be a bonus not a necessity. Though yes, we still encourage tips. This allows you to work less, ski more, and provide quality classes from the budget skier to the olympic halfpipe pro. 

Our Value is our Mission

Who we are.

HeyyyCoach is a new US based ski and snowboard lesson platform that enables you to offer either private, group, or freestyle lessons. Our business model is built upon you making more profit from your skills, the freedom to make your own schedule, and create your own presence on our platform. You are your own boss and we respect that mindset. 

This will give every instructor a fair chance to build clientele. You will have the opportunity to book lessons on your time, check-in free, and be able to sleep well knowing that we are upholding the value you offer as an instructor by trying to put more money in your pocket at the end of the day. We do this by undercutting big business, though we do not want you to undercut each other. We protect the value of your skills by requiring competitive pricing in each region.

We made this market for you. 

Heyyy Coach



Shitty Boss

You are you’re boss

Bad Hours

You make your Availability

Poor Pay, where your boss makes the dollars and you make a the cents

We provide the platform, but we give you the majority of the take. So you are make the dollars instead of cents.

Toxic Work Environment

Working as an independent, you call the shots on who you want to teach and when. Hanging out with other coaches will never be a requirement.

Heyyy Coach Platform (Soon to be App!)

We are your tool to success.

We provide you with,

Need I say More?

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